O2I-00131: Error opening a Java file

O2I-00103: Two file names refer to the same HFILE file in the INTYPE file

O2I-00102: Unable to connect to Oracle

O2I-00133: An error occurred for which no message is available

O2I-00113: No HFILE specified

O2I-00128: Unable to write to the Java file

O2I-00119: Warning reported by subsystem:

O2I-00121: No value was specified for the CODE option

O2I-00101: Invalid value for the USERID parameter

O2I-00126: You must specify an INTYPE file with SCHEMA_NAMES=FROM_INTYPE

O2I-00112: Unable to write to the HFILE file

O2I-00120: Error reported by subsystem:

O2I-00118: This user-defined type was not found in the database

O2I-00124: Error opening the INITFILE file for writing

O2I-00132: Unable to close a Java file

O2I-00125: Error writing to the INITFILE file

O2I-00130: Invalid Java file name

O2I-00117: Internal error: No message file for component O2U

O2I-00116: Unable to close the HFILE file

O2I-00122: Invalid filename for the INITFILE file

O2I-00127: Illegal INITFUNC name

O2I-00115: Error opening the HFILE file

O2I-00110: Internal error in OTT component O2I

O2I-00114: Invalid HFILE file name

O2I-00123: Unable to close the INITFILE file

O2I-00129: No Java file specified

O2I-00111: Unable to allocate memory