LCD-00203: missing keyword [string]

LCD-00112: illegal integer radix specification [string]

LCD-00201: could not open specified filename [string]

LCD-00204: left parenth and no parameter specified [string]

LCD-00205: unbalanced parentheses [string]

LCD-00113: integer conversion error or negative integer [string]

LCD-00219: nested include file [string] is too large

LCD-00100: internal error, argument [number]

LCD-00218: error in file [string]

LCD-00217: failure while processing file parameter [string]

LCD-00211: unexpected delimiter [string]

LCD-00161: ORACLE error (possible syntax error) parameter [string]

LCD-00209: missing value for keyword at end of string [string]

LCD-00206: positional parameter entered after keyword [string]

LCD-00212: runaway quoted string [string]

LCD-00215: parameter files nested too deep [string]

LCD-00114: illegal boolean response [string]

LCD-00128: invalid positional parameter value [string]

LCD-00122: unrecognized keyword [string]

LCD-00111: value not in legal range [string]

LCD-00207: nested parentheses encountered [string]

LCD-00208: unexpected keyword in value list [string]

LCD-00210: illegal assignment operator [string]