AUD-00809: ORDSpeechIndex: unable to ALTER REBUILD internal Text index

AUD-00704: invalid input format

AUD-00702: unable to initialize audio processing environment

AUD-00807: SpeechContains: index of indextype ORDSpeechIndex is required

AUD-00802: name of index is limited to 22 characters

AUD-00808: ORDSpeechIndex: unable to CREATE internal Text index

AUD-00706: unsupported or corrupted input format

AUD-00806: first argument to SpeechContains must be a column

AUD-00803: internal error while processing WHERE clause

AUD-00705: unsupported input format

AUD-00703: unable to read audio data

AUD-00713: internal error while parsing audio data

AUD-00714: internal error